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“Jaws” Reboot Happening?


What is the Internet doing to me? Not only is the latest rumour that Orlando Bloom will be playing Batman, but now this has been thrown at me? Really, Internet? Is this really how you repay me for being such a faithful advocate? You bastard!

Right, getting to the meat of the story, there’s some talk of a Jaws reboot finally happening. It was inevitable. I mean, personal favourites of much, such as HalloweenEvil Dead and A Nightmare on Elm Street weren’t off-limits, so I guess Jaws is the next progression in terms of ruining some of my favourite films. Hell, why not put Michael Bay in charge of it  so that he can ruin that part of my childhood as well as Transformers and Turtles?

I guess I should stop ranting, as, hopefully, this could just be a rumour right now. Basically, the Mandy website is running an ad looking for crew members to start work on a Jaws reboot, which would start production in January 2015. The actual site says, “We will need to build set quite early therefore we will be hiring partially prior to the official pre-production.”

Mandy is a website where ‘industry types’ can go and advertise for production staff. The thing is, which may give me some hope, is that literally anybody can post on Mandy… meaning that this could just be a complete load of bullshit from somebody out there in cyberspace.

Take all of this with a pinch of salt for now, and here’s hoping that it’s just some sad person with far too much time on their hands.


3 thoughts on ““Jaws” Reboot Happening?

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  2. Ugh, what? No… just no. I understand rebooting a movie if it’s outdated or if there’s a new interesting spin to put on it (though most reboots don’t meet those requirements). But Jaws is still scary, still perfect. I saw it on the big screen last year and people still jumped and screamed and applauded at the end. There’s nothing for a reboot to add.


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